Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I've worked with two people whom have acted like they are the ones who hold the walls of the center up. One of them spent more time up front in the foyer area of the center talking to the director and assistant director than in the classroom. She did this because she was one of those people who needed to always know what was going on and have it look like she knew things others didn't and have it look like she was so close to the administration that she was the only one whom they would tell things to. She also did this so that she could 'tell them what to do.' She would always speak really loudly just after she had been up front and say things like, "Yeah so I told the director that this is what they should do about that problem, or it was my idea that
(fill in the blank.)

This co-worker hardly ever took a day off because "her room would fall apart without her." She would always talk loudly about how if she ever left, the administration wouldn't know what to do and how they were always asking her to stay, yet constantly declared how she was going to go work for the public school system and how much better it was.

One day her arrogance caught up with her. A substitute came to work in the classroom that was the age group just above the one she taught. She had two little children that came with her, one of which was placed in this co-workers room.  In her need to control things and prove what a 'good' teacher she was she reached out grabbing this child by the arm and leaving a bruise and it also popped out of place. The substitute left the center early that day and took her child to the ER. Then lets just say the building continued to stand.

FYI- Everyone is replaceable!

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