Thursday, November 21, 2013

the fabulous four

I've only worked with four people who have known that professionalism is a part of any job. The first one that I worked with was a lady at the first center I worked at. She was an older lady and we got along really well. She understood that just because we were dealing with children every day didn't mean we had to act like them. We had our fun and the children made us laugh almost daily. However, she also understood that I was lead teacher and she was the co-teacher and respected that. She never tried to cross the line and do my job or tell me how to do it. She knew she could voice her suggestions and did and that I would listen to them and did. She never pulled a "I'm older than you, I know what I'm doing and you need to  listen to me." We respected one another and worked side by side.

The other three co-workers I worked with who knew what professionalism is were at the second center I worked at. There was a lady who was the lead teacher of the toddler program there at that center, her co-teacher, and mine. We all understood who the lead teacher of the program was and we respected her, didn't try to step on her toes or over rule her. She knew what she was doing and you could easily see why she was the lead teacher. She would give suggestions when needed but never pulled rank. She worked side-by-side with us and I learned a lot from her.

These women didn't need to be trained, they didn't need someone standing over them telling them how to do their job, they never had anything to prove and they constantly proved that they knew what they were doing. When they called someone out on doing something that should have been dealt with differently they did it kindly. They gave suggestions not orders. This is how I have always tried to run my classroom as well-to give suggestions not orders. Lets try this, lets do it this way, what do you think we should do? Because of this the only people I've not gotten along with are the ones who come into the classroom with something to prove. Those co-workers who come in there and have to prove they have the knowledge they have and that they are just as smart as you. They start giving orders of what to change, why and how as soon as they walk in the room.  They let you know that they disapprove of the way you do things yet my classroom has always been one that has never gotten complaints from the parents.

These four women knew how to talk to the parents and never crossed the line of giving out information to the parents they shouldn't have. They had professional relationships with the parents and like me kept their professional lives separate from their personal lives. These women made it worth going to work. Usually you go for the children not the co-workers because of all the drama the co-workers bring to work. These women didn't bring that and as a result going to work wasn't something I had to do but wanted to do. These women were a joy to work with and I enjoyed working with all of them. When you work with people who are professional it makes a big difference and the environment is completely different. It makes getting your job done easier. A professional environment can always be recognized and it starts at the administration level and works its way down.

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