Sunday, October 23, 2016

Media Factors That Affect Self-Esteem

Patti M. Valkenberg who is a professor of communication at the University of Amsterdam and the founder and director of the Center for Research on Children, Adolescents and the Media, came across media factors that affect a child's self-esteem. These factors are the  media, internet use, email and instant messaging.

These factors have been found to increase a child's self-esteem around the age of twelve. Children now have the opportunity to stay in contact with friends and family due to the internet. The cultural messages that media convey to children have the ability to increase of decrease their self-esteem. The media often shows children what they should consider to be ideal such as what qualities are considered beautiful, possible careers to show they're successful, and appropriate ways to behave in different situations.

If children don't live up to these ideas their self-esteem may decrease. This is why it's important to value each child, their abilities and talents and help them know what they're good at and nurture those talents.

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