Saturday, December 17, 2016

Methods of Socialization

There are six methods that socialize children. These methods were found by John Bowlby and some of his colleagues. The first one is media and technology. Media and technology expose children to cultural beliefs and values and can conflict with the values of parents. Children learn positive and negative values from media and technology and parents need to be aware of what their children are watching and doing with technology in order to ensure they reflect the parent's beliefs and values.

The second method of socialization is the rearing goals of parents. The rearing goals of parents effects how a parent encourages socialization. How it is done is different for each family. The ways a parent socializes their children reflects emotion, coaching, thinking, observation, and beliefs. A parents socialization technique reflects emotion when they decide to either allow their children to see them cry, be happy or express any emotion. Parents technique reflects coaching when a parent tells a child, "I'm hugging mom because she feels sad." It reflects thinking when they decide whether a situation is appropriate for a child or not. Parents techniques reflect observation and beliefs when a parent observes signs of physical abuse on their child's friend and believes they're being physically abused even though there is no proof it was physical abuse and not just the accident the friend says it is.

A third method of socialization is the effective method of socialization which involves relationships with others. When parents are responsive to the needs of an infant or child it opens the door for the development of a bond between parent and child. Once a child and parent have a healthy bond, there is an emotional give and take and an openness that exist between the child and parent. This sets the foundation for other relationships the child will have with others. The fourth method of socialization is the apprentice method. This method is learning through coaching, mentoring, and scaffolding. It's based on the sociocultural approach to learning by Lev Vygotsky.

The fifth method of socialization is the sociocultural method that involves being guided by beliefs, customs traditions etc., of family, community and social groups. Parents pass on beliefs and traditions by doing things in their family the same way things were done in the family they grew up in. The cognitive method, is the last method of socialization. This method is when a parent  teaches a child about socialization and the parent has to give the child the knowledge of how to socialize. A parent teaches a child how to think about their actions. For example, a parent needs to explain whey they have to take a present to their friends birthday party and why the present is for the friend and not them.

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