Saturday, July 1, 2017

Don't Punish Your Children When You Are Under Stress

Punishing children when stress levels are high makes learning more difficult and behavior negative. This can cause effects into adulthood. For example, when a parent has had a hard day at work or the children have been more difficult than usual that day, if a parent punishes a child while feeling that stress, it can make it harder for a child to do homework or a parent to teach them what they may done wrong because the situation is full of emotion not logic.

It will cause negative behavior because the child will match the parents out of control behavior or the parent will match the child's out of control behavior and then the parent and child are feeding off of one another's emotions escalating the situation, instead of the parent bringing it under control.

Children need parents to be in control and is scares them when they're not. A child needs the parent to help them through whatever is going on and what they are feeling, not match their out of control behavior. It can continue into adulthood because as children they've learned to match the other person's level of emotion and become out of control instead of gaining control and handling the situation with logic not emotion.

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