Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Love doesn't have a color

At the first center that I worked at there was a little girl who was 'my baby.' I call her this because she was a child in the class who was really attached to me. She wouldn't let anyone else put her down for her nap, help her, or console her when she got hurt or do anything else for her. I loved this little girl! One day, at the end of the day when I was getting ready to go home, she started to follow me out the door. The director got my attention and I had to wait to walk out the door until her Mom had her. I loved all the children in my classroom but sometimes some of them just get in a little deeper than the others did and I had a stronger bond with these children than I did with the others. The bond I had with this little girl has happened with many children over the years. Sometimes they are girls and sometimes they are boys. I can't explain why the bond is stronger with some children than it is with others, particularly when you spend the same amount of time with each one, each day, but for some reason the bond is just stronger with some of them than with others. Despite having a stronger bond with some children than others I've treated the children with equality. The ones that I had a stronger bond with didn't get away with something the other children didn't. Consequences were the same for everyone. This little girl happened to be a little black girl and some of the teachers had a problem with the bond that we had. For little children though, they don't see race and they understand that love doesn't have a color.

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