Friday, February 21, 2014

So funny!

At one of the centers that I worked at there was a bench in the front of the window that the children sat on to play or stood on to look out the window. Occasionally, I would sit on it and watch the children play. One day I was sitting on this bench when a little boy came and sat beside me. As he sat down he put his arm around me and let out a really big sigh. My co-teacher and I laughed so hard. My co-teacher looked at me and said, "Taryn, I thought you said you didn't have a man in your life?!" This made me laugh even harder. I don't usually laugh in front of the children but I couldn't help it this time. It was so funny and I will never forget it! I looked at me co-worker when I stopped laughing and said, "Now we know what Daddy does when he sits next to Mommy."

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