Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Teaching Children About the World

It can be difficult to teach children everything they need to know about the world and the way it works. There is a lot to teach them and despite what parents may think it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children how the world works and how to navigate it. It's not something they have to do on their own though. There is help from community, church, extended family.

It's important to have the hard conversations with children that need to happen. If parents don't have them, others will and children may learn a perspective the parents don't agree with. For example have the conversation about drugs. It's not just enough to tell children not to do drugs which is what a lot of parents do. The next step needs to be taken and parents need to explain why drugs shouldn't be done. Explain what drugs do to people and what coming off of them does. Educate your children. Don't just leave it up to the school to do. Take time to have the conversation of why you as the parent don't think they should be done and the harm they can cause people, friends and family. Educate your children.

Some hard conversations parents should have with their children:
Stranger danger
Under age drinking

These are just some examples however, there are many more. Take time to tell your children what you think about these issues and any others that may come up. It will be hard and awkward but it will be worth it because then they know where you stand on any issue and why. Until you explain to them where you stand on an issue and why they don't and won't care that it's something you tell them not to do. Parents need to explain why.

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