Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Park Etiquette

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I finished a bachelor's degree in early childhood education administration in April and since then I've been working on a book about parenting and putting parenting classes together to teach. This has kept me busy. I'm at the point where I'm cleaning up the classes and will be able to put the technical part of teaching them together so I can actually teach them.

Today the little boy I take care of during the day and I went to the park. There was a group of moms sitting on the grass while their children played. However, they weren't paying any attention to them. They were sitting on the grass talking and not supervising their children. One of the children pushed another child playing at the park and one child stood at the swing screaming the word, "mom' for ten minutes before the mom came over to see what the child wanted. Parents, I understand you need 'mommy' time and need to have a conversation with someone who can talk in more than a two or three word sentence, but please don't ignore your children. The park is a great place to take your children and let them play and get their energy out but they still need supervision.

Unspoken rules of park:
1. Supervise your children
2. Discipline your children when needed
3.Take turns on equipment including slides, swings and other equipment
4. If you bring a toy from home be willing to share it

Thank you!

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