Saturday, February 11, 2017

4 Motivations For Becoming A Parent

Parent's beliefs are influential in the socialization process. A key area of research explored parenting beliefs such as a parent's motivation for parenthood. There are four motivations for becoming a parent. They were developed by Al Rabin and Robert J. Greene who were pioneers in research in the area of motivations for parenthood. They assessed the major reasons for becoming a parent and classified the motivations into four categories. They are: fatalistic, altruistic, narcissistic, and instrumental.

With the fatalistic motivation for parenthood procreation is the primary reason for our existence. This motivation displays strong cultural values for becoming a parent and has implicit value in many religious affiliations to procreate.

The altruistic motivation for parenthood reflects an unselfish desire to express affection and concern for children.

The narcissistic motivation for parenthood reflects the notion that children will reflect on the goodness of the person.

The instrumental motivation for parenthood is driven by specific goals that parents have for children.
These goals include helping children reach the educational level of college, saving own relationships, recreating own childhood, appeasing relatives or carrying on the family name. The instrumental motivation influences cultural beliefs and socioeconomic status. It illustrates the impact of expectations from family members and close friends.

Reasons for becoming parents are different for everyone and a person may have more than one of these reasons for becoming a parent. All  motivations of being a parent reflect the impact  of cultural, religious beliefs, values and society expectations. Parents have specific ideas for achievement in raising children and they differ in the types of strategies they use to teach their children.

Where everyone's motivation for being a parent is different and everyone's style of parenthood is different the strategies they use to teach their children will be different. As parents encounter other parents and find out what motivated them to become a parent and what their strategy is to raise their children it's important not to judge them. It's important  to understand their motivation and strategies are just different from yours-not wrong.

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