Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Primary Children

At one of the centers I worked at I had a co-worker who constantly had to prove she knew as much as me. She is not the only co-worker I've worked with who was like this but she took it to a different level.

When you work in child care each teacher in the classroom has what is called 'primary children.' These are the children you as the teacher are primarily responsible for. You call the parents when they're sick, change their diaper, fill out their daily sheets etc. When parents pick their child up at the end of the day you are the one who speaks to them and tells them how their day went.

The co-worker at this particular center wouldn't let me talk to my primary children's parents. When a parent walked in at the end of the day regardless of whose primary child they were she would run up to them and start talking to them and telling them about their child's day. When I say run up to them I mean literally she would put down what she was doing and run across the room to speak to them before I could get there. On those days I got there first she was so mad. I don't know what she had to prove but I've never worked with anyone before who insisted on talking to the parents regardless of whether the child was her primary child or not like this co-worker.

The parents of one of my primary children finally went and said something to the director. When she called me in and told me of the parents concern I told her what my co-teacher was doing. The director asked me if I had said something to her and I told her I had said something multiple times but she kept doing it. The director called her in and asked her to stop and to let me talk to the parents if the child was my primary child. She was so mad....

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