Wednesday, September 17, 2014


As children get closer to two they obviously are closer to the size of a two year old rather than a one year old. This leads to the children being tall enough to reach the door knob and some of them learn how to turn it and before you know it... you have a runner! Then you're the one running in order to get them and often yelling for help at the same. "Child! Come here!" "Someone grab the child please!" Then the one who catches the child is telling the child that's it's not okay to run away from their teachers. The teacher gets the child back in the classroom and again is telling the child it's not okay to run away from the teachers and that the door is something for only teachers, mommies and daddies to touch. These then become the children whose hands you have to hold when you go out to the playground so that they don't run away from the teachers. Good times...good times....

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