Saturday, April 29, 2017

2 Goals To Solve When Conflict Occurs

Where families aren't without conflict, there are two goals to solve when it comes to problem solving. The first goal is to create  and environment where constructive  problem solving can take place and be able to constructively solve problems. For example, saying something similar to this when when a child isn't getting what they want. "I know it made you sad that you couldn't play in the pool today, but it was raining and if playing in the rain made you sick that would make me sad. When it's warm and sunny again you can play in the pool again."

The second goal is to help children know how to respond to the environment. This includes safety, and appropriate reactions to the environment and teaching children appropriate ways to respond  to their feelings. For example, teaching children not to touch the stove because it's hot, don't touch power sockets because it can hurt you, watch where you're walking so you don't run into furniture or a wall etc.

By implementing these two goals, conflict can lessen and be handled in a way that teaches children rules, appropriate behavior, and rules of home and society so that when conflict happens a child can better handle the situation with adult guidance.

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