Saturday, April 15, 2017

Qualities of A Good Relationship With Between Parent and Child

A good relationship between a parent and a child is respectful, reciprocal, and trusting. These qualities help build a solid relationship between a parent and child. A relationship with these qualities provides a positive outcome to the relationship in the following ways: parents are more likely to enjoy their child's progress, parent and child remember to share details of their day with one another, and parents remain connected to their child after they've moved off to college.

When there isn't a close, respectful relationship parents and/or children may feel uncomfortable and uneasy. This comes from the lack of trust that has developed between parent and child. The child has learned that what the parent says and does is inconsistent and therefore can't be trusted. If a parent is disrespectful to a child they eventually learn that they'll always be treated with disrespect and be uncomfortable around the parent because they've learned who they are isn't safe with that parent because whenever they show who they are, the parent shows that child disrespect and tells them who they are is wrong. There isn't anything wrong with the child, the parent is wrong to tell them that there is and for not loving and acceping the child for they are.

Strong relationships increase communication and enables conflict and disagreements to be resolved in a win-win manner. They are resolved in a win-win manner because both perspectives, ideas  and feelings  have been listened to, respected and a middle ground solution has been agreed upon or whoever may be wrong has admitted to it.

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