Wednesday, August 28, 2013


At one of the centers I worked at there was a little girl who just would go with the flow. This little girl didn't care whether she was inside or outside and it didn't matter where you sat her to play she would be content regardless of where she was. This little girl never cried, she hardly ever got hurt and she never messed with any of the other children (never took toys, hit anyone etc.).  Even when she did start to walk if you placed her in a certain area of the room to play she would usually stay there. She was a child I had to remember to give attention to because she never demanded any in any way. One of my co-teachers referred to her as "Buddha Baby," because she was so calm and quiet. She was a staff members-in a child care center-dream.

While awake she also would never talk a lot. However, every day at nap time she would babble. I would sit or lay beside her cot to pat her to sleep and she would just start talking about all kinds of things. It went from babbling to talking as she started to actually talk and use words to communicate. I used to say to her, "Shh, tell me later sweetheart, it's time to go night, night."
 Eventually I just would sit or lay by her cot and let her talk until she fell asleep because it was the only time she ever talked and it became a time for us to connect with one another. It was also when her personality would come out and she was so funny! To sit and listen to all of the things she had observed all morning long would just make me laugh.

She was one of the sweetest children I've ever taken care of and she is certainly the easiest. I got so used to her sitting quietly in an area of the room playing that when she moved up to the next room I had to remind myself that she had moved up because I had gotten so used to her quiet presence.

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