Wednesday, August 7, 2013



The little boy I spoke of in my last post, as he grew and started to walk he started to slim some but he was still a big boy. He had broad shoulders and the build of a football player. At the same time he was in my class I also had a girl who was as tiny as he was big. She had been born premature and was a tiny little thing. This little boy recognized that she was smaller than everyone else and watched out for her.
One day I was washing my hands after changing a diaper when I heard someone screaming. I looked over my shoulder and saw that it was this little girl. The two boys playing in the same area she was had taken her toys from her. I threw away the paper towel and started across the room. When I got to the halfway point this little boy crossed my path and it looked like he was going to the same place I was, so I stopped to see where he was going. He went over there, yanked the toys from them, fussed at them (babbled, he was using very many actual words yet), placed the toys gently in her lap then spoke to her. She nodded her head and wiped her eyes and he walked away. He again crossed my path as he went back across the room, then looked at me and nodded as if to say, "Don't worry about it, I took care of it." I said, "Thanks child's name." I look at my co-teacher and smile- we chuckle.

A few minutes later I'm again washing my hands  after changing a diaper when I see these boys take her toys from her again and she screams. I once again head over to her and again this little boy crosses my path so I stop again to see what he's going to do. When the two boys see him coming they chuck the toys at the girl and run to the other side of the room (I smile and laugh). He walks over to the little girl, puts his hand on her shoulder and "talks" to her. She again nods and wipes her tears. He sits down in the same area as her and starts to play. I look at my co-teacher and we start to laugh. She says, "So cute!" No one messed with her the rest of the day.


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