Tuesday, August 20, 2013

gray marker

One year, the last two weeks of the year were really quiet. Our numbers were low so my co-teacher and I took the time to de-junk and rearrange some of the things in the room.

The week following these, I had a teacher from the classroom next to us open our door and ask if we had a gray marker. I was cleaning the tables after snack and stopped and stood up. I just stood there for a minute thinking because I couldn't remember where we had put them. I remembered seeing them and I remember putting them in a different spot but I couldn't remember where. My co-teacher was having a prep time so I couldn't ask her where we had put them.
After I stood there for a minute this co-worker said, "Do you understand what I'm asking?"
I nodded and said, "Yes, I understand what you're asking co-worker I'm just trying to remember where we put them. We just got done rearranging a lot of things in the room and I can't remember where we put them. Let me finish cleaning the tables and I'll look for them."

As I finished cleaning the tables I'm thinking 'where did we put those'? By the time I was done cleaning the tables I had remembered where we put them and got the gray marker and took it to her.

FYI- just because someone has to stop and think about a question doesn't mean they don't understand it and I could be wrong but insulting the intelligence of your co-workers isn't going to get you respected as a fellow co-worker.
Tip- To insult a co-workers intelligence is unprofessional!

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