Monday, August 5, 2013

human clock


At the first center I worked at there was a little boy who moved up from the infant room at 10 months old into my room. He was a big boy and they were worried he would hurt the babies that were 2, 3 months old so they moved him up. In the classroom I was working in, it had one of those beds that look like a car in it for the children to play in.

One day I did a head check and realized I was missing someone. I realized it was this little boy and my co-teacher and I started looking everywhere in the room for him. We were looking behind toy shelves in case he was behind one, we looked behind the changing table which was tall enough to hide the children if they went behind it, we were looking everywhere for him. When I turned around from looking behind a shelf I spotted him in this bed fast asleep. Relief swept through us both.

The next day I again did a head check and couldn't find this little boy so my eyes immediately went to the bed to see if he was there, which he was. Once again he was laying in the car bed fast asleep. I  checked the time and noticed  it was 5pm. The next day the same thing; I did a head check couldn't see him, looked in the car, found him asleep, looked at the time and sure enough it was 5 o'clock. Some days I would see him crawl into the bed and look at the clock. Yup! It's 5 o'clock. He would sleep for about a half hour then be ready to play for the last half hour as he was always picked up at 6pm.

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